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Associate Dean, Research and Scholarship

Mount Royal University

The Associate Dean – Research and Scholarship (AD-RS) reports to the Dean, Faculty of Business and Communication Studies (FBCS). The AD-RS provides strategic and operational support to the research and scholarship activities of the FBCS.

About MRU
Founded in 1910 and located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Mount Royal University has built a reputation on a strong, liberal education foundation. Our vision is to provide an exceptional undergraduate educational experience for our students.

We are a community of engaged citizens, providing personalized, experiential and outcome-based learning in an environment of inclusion, diversity and respect. Through our focus on teaching and learning informed by scholarship, we are preparing our graduates for success in their careers and lives.

Mount Royal University presently offers 12 four-year baccalaureate degrees with 32 majors, with a view to grow this mix to 15 degrees and 50 majors by 2025. Current degree offerings are unique, and include four-year bachelor degrees in interior design, midwifery, child studies and health and physical education, as well as arts, criminal justice, business administration, communication, computer information systems, education, nursing and science. Mount Royal also offers robust continuing education programming as well as an internationally-renowned music conservatory. Mount Royal University recently earned the Ashoka U designation as a Changemaker Campus.

More than 13,000 credit students attend Mount Royal University annually, with more than 90,000 Mount Royal alumni contributing to their communities worldwide.

Our faculty provide a teaching and learning environment that welcomes challenging ideas. Our staff are dedicated to supporting our campus so that students are provided with an exceptional educational experience. Our management team provides leadership throughout the University, and inspires others at all levels to be leaders in their own important sectors.

In support of our students, and in response to our broader community, we know that investing in our employees benefits the University as a whole. Talented and committed employees are the driving force behind student success. Our faculty, staff and management are united in creating a thriving learning environment for our students.

Mount Royal University is an exceptional community focused on our people.

About the Faculty, Business and Communication Studies

The Faculty of Business and Communication Studies, formed in 2016 is comprised of two established professional schools. The Bissett School of Business is an undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration degree offered through Majors in Accounting, General Management, Human Resources, and Marketing; Concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Financial Analysis, Financial Services, International Business, Social Innovation, and Supply Chain Management; and, Diplomas in Aviation, Human Resources, Marketing and Supply Chain. It is home to approximately 50 full-time faculty and 65 contract faculty. The School of Communication Studies offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Communication degree, with majors in Journalism, Public Relations, Information Design, and Broadcast Media Studies; as well as certificates in International Communications and Online Journalism. It is home to approximately 25 full-time faculty and 37 contract faculty.

The Faculty differentiates itself amongst post-secondary schools through a commitment to exceptional undergraduate education built on the dedication to teaching informed by scholarship and the importance of experiential learning. Faculty members are engaged in a diverse range of academic and applied research related to the multiple disciplines within the Faculty. Increasingly collaboration is enabling emerging scholarship at the intersections of business and communication disciplines. The Faculty of Business and Communication Studies, houses The Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, The Institute of Community Prosperity, The Institute of Environmental Studies and the recently launched Trico Changemaker Studio. While these are University Level Institutes, there is embedded linkage to curriculum and research within the Faculty that enhances community engagement and research opportunities.

About the Role

The Associate Dean – Research and Scholarship (AD-RS) reports to the Dean, Faculty of Business and Communication Studies (FBCS). The AD-RS provides strategic and operational support to the research and scholarship activities of the FBCS. The AD-RS works as a team member within the Dean’s Advisory Group, providing support and assistance to the Dean in articulating and facilitating the vision, strategic goals, priorities and policies of the University, Division of Academic Affairs and FBCS. The AD-RS serves on relevant department, university and community committees and as an alternate for the Dean where appropriate. She/he works closely with the Dean, Associate Dean Academic, seven Academic Chairs, Financial Operations Officer, faculty and other university officers in the planning, development, implementation and promotion of research and scholarship initiatives of the Faculty.


Research and Scholarship
• Supports the development of scholarship and research capacity and explores opportunities for research (e.g.: collaborating with other universities, organizing workshops, inviting guest speakers) where appropriate to program, department and Faculty strategic goals.
• Supports student participation in scholarship and research and expands opportunities for undergraduate student research within the Faculty.
• Facilitates and mentors the development of research proposals and projects, in collaboration with faculty, research institutes and the Office of Research Services.
• Chairs the Faculty’s Research Committee of Faculty Council and leads efforts to review research policies and processes and showcase scholarly activity of students and faculty.
• Reviews research proposals and progress in relation to Faculty impacts, commitments and academic integrity issues on behalf of the Dean.
• Under the direction of the Dean, assists in the development of proposals for both internal and external funding and facilities and infrastructure.
• Explores opportunities for new research-related entities within the Faculty such as research institutes and research chairs.
• Oversees the implementation and monitoring of Faculty research funds, in collaboration with the Operations Officer.
• Collaborates and liaises with the Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement.
• Contributes to the Accreditation initiatives in the Bissett School of Business.
• Facilitates the collaboration of research both across the Faculty and with other Faculties, as well as provides mentoring support to new faculty and emerging scholars.
• Supports the dissemination of research and scholarship.

Community Engagement
• Collaborates with Chairs in advocating for, developing and administering community engagement activities.
• Advocates, leads and provides support, at the Faculty level, for experiential learning and change making initiatives that align with strategic priorities of the FBCS.

• Provides leadership in the development of emerging fields of inquiry, such as system thinking; data science and analytics; design thinking.
• Leads the implementation within the Faculty of the recently approved Strategic Research Plan for MRU.

Budgeting, Planning and Risk Management
• Directs and manages strategic plans and budgets for research projects where appropriate.
• Facilitates the collection and reporting of research and scholarship data for the Faculty’s strategic plan.
• Completes review, approval and tracking of off-campus safety forms and pre-travel authorizations for travel requiring off-campus safety forms, across the Faculty.

Communication, Governance and Advocacy
• Communicates accurate and timely information to the Dean, Chairs and other University Officers.
• Formally and regularly meets with Dean to share information and contributes to Faculty-wide decision-making.
• Formally and regularly meets with the Chairs to discuss matters relevant to the AD-RS areas of responsibility.
• Contributes to committees and working groups in matters related to university governance, strategic planning and policy issues, in relation to research, scholarship and community engagement activities.
• Serves as an ex officio member of the following committees:
o University Leadership Group
o Dean’s Advisory Group
o Faculty Council – Business and Communication Studies
o Criteria, Evidence and Standards for Tenure and Promotion Sub-committee of Faculty Council
o Research Committee of Faculty Council BCS, Chair
o Research and Scholarship Standing Committee


The successful candidate should possess a doctoral degree in a related discipline, a record of scholarship, demonstrated ability in post-secondary administration, and experience in leading and managing portfolios similar to those outlined above. Teaching experience at the undergraduate level is an asset, as is experience facilitating research including administration, funding, grants and related processes.
The initial term of appointment for Associate Dean normally shall be for a period of five years. This appointment may be renewed for an additional term.

Closing Date: September 7, 2018

To Apply: Please Visit Our Career Opportunities Page at

A complete dossier should be submitted including curriculum vitae, list of three (3) references, evidence of teaching excellence, and, if the teaching/ scholarship/ service (TSS) pattern is desirable, evidence of intent to pursue a research program.