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Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences

Douglas College

The Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences provides academic and strategic leadership to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and is responsible for planning, developing, promoting and evaluating the effectiveness of the Faculty’s academic and continuing education programs. As a senior member of the Academic Division, the Dean also works closely with the Vice President, Academic and Provost to further the initiatives in the College’s Strategic Plan and with the Faculty to develop and implement initiatives in accordance with the Faculty’s Operational Plans.


This position is accountable for:

- Leadership and management of the Faculty, including hiring, developing, supporting, evaluating and disciplining employees as appropriate.
- Tactical and operational plans for the Faculty in alignment with the College’s strategic plan and in accordance with the College governance requirements.
- Ongoing review and updating of existing curriculum as well as the planning, development and implementation of new curriculum.
- Budgeting, resource allocation, and the financial management of the Faculty consistent with College policies, procedures and guidelines.
- Interpretation and administration of College policies and procedures, including contractual obligations.
- Development, ongoing review and communication of faculty procedures.
- Development and maintenance of external relationships appropriate to the College’s operations and strategic initiatives.
- Providing input and leadership for both the College’s strategic plan and Academic Division initiatives arising from that plan.
- Coordination and communication of decisions and issues within the Faculty, other units of the College, Vice Presidents, and the external community.
- Ensuring the quality and integrity of programs and the College’s reputation in the related fields of study.
- Provision of professional development activities for the Faculty.
- Representing the Office of the Vice President, Academic and Provost, as requested.

To Be Successful in this Role You Will Need:

- Established professional credibility as usually evidenced by a graduate degree in a relevant field (PhD preferred).
- A minimum of five years of experience in a range of senior or mid-level administrative positions in a post-secondary institution or other relevant organization.
- A minimum of five years teaching experience in the post-secondary level or an equivalent combination of formal and informal teaching and administrative experience.
- Qualified to Teach in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
- Demonstrated understanding of the importance of truth and reconciliation, and Indigenization within the post-secondary context.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Communications Skills – Possesses strong communication skills, both verbal, and written and expresses thoughts in an organized, concise manner. Actively listens to the issues of others in a manner that elicits cooperation and support. Demonstrates an effective and adaptive skill in communicating with students/individuals under stress. Develops and delivers effective presentations. Has the ability to present information and ideas to diverse groups.

Market Knowledge – Continuously seeks to stay current and be at the leading edge in his/her field and is committed to continuous learning; one that is self‐motivated and self‐directed, being able to work independently with sense of urgency to task completion.

Innovative & Entrepreneurial Approach – Seeks out possibilities, develops new ideas, and effectively moves them forward. Is creative, innovative and takes advantage of opportunities, while recognizing the necessity of working with limited resources and in alignment with the strategic directions of the College.

Employee Centric– Anticipates, responds, and attends to the needs of employees and other internal and external customers of the department and organization.

Effective Working Relationships – Treats staff, colleagues, and students with respect; resolves conflicts respectfully and in a timely way, negotiates effectively, and provides effective feedback to colleagues / direct reports.

Administrative Skills – Provides leadership and ensures accountability for achievement of results; very focused; strong organizational skills; simplifies often complex and lengthy matters; effective time management skills; ability to separate important issues and identify priorities.

Organizationally Astute – Is diplomatic and tactful; non-confrontational; recognizes internal and external sensitivities; has an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions; uses sound judgment.

Energetic and Adaptable – Is prepared to take on longer-term initiatives and does so with enthusiasm; has the ability to adapt to new and changing situations; able to alter course/direction when necessary; enjoys and embraces new challenges. Flexible; able to deal with stress effectively.