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Research Associate, Quantum Nanophotonics, Physics & Astronomy

University of Calgary

Research Associate, Quantum Nanophotonics, Physics & Astronomy,
Faculty of Science
(Job ID 18050)

The Department of Physics & Astronomy in the Faculty of Science invites applications for a Research Associate. This Full-time Fixed Term position is for approximately 3 years (based on length of grant funding), with the possibility of extension.

Reporting to the Principal Investigator, this position will work closely, in the capacity of a research associate, with the Quantum Nanophotonics group. The Quantum Nanophotonics Group is a research group that studies the behaviour of light within nanoscale structures, with an emphasis on observing and controlling its interaction with quantum systems. This research involves aspects of nanophotonics, optomechanics and solid state quantum optics. It combines quantum optical measurements with device design, fabrication and testing, to realize new quantum technologies. The key focus of this position is on research and development, and the successful candidate will maintain a competitive research program in Quantum Nanophotonics that will attract graduate students and external funding to support the continued growth in the area of diamond quantum photonics and optomechanics.

Summary of Key Responsibilities (job functions include but are not limited to):
Creation of technology needed for quantum networks, including but not limited to quantum memories, repeaters, and transducers
• Lead experiments related to the development and demonstration of the aforementioned quantum technologies; through mastery of the academic literature, identity promising and impactful approaches and related experiments
• Design the identified experiments, and through mastery of all of the necessary experimental techniques, perform optical measurements to record necessary data; through mastery of theoretical (analytic and numerical) techniques, analyze data and compare with experiment
• Internal and external collaborations with scientific colleagues are likely to be undertaken and mediated by the incumbent during the project to enable a successful outcome
Play a critical role in maintaining an active and competitive research program in Quantum Nanophotonics that is able to attract outside funding
• Assist group leader in preparing and submitting funding proposals (e.g. for NSERC RTI, CFI) and in preparing progress reports related to existing proposals
• Lead experimental efforts to achieve milestones stipulated by existing and future funding
• Make strategic decisions regarding which new experiments within the context of the on-going project are likely to lead to high profile results that will attract funding; this will require contributing to several experiments, both in an existing lab and in a new lab that is being setup
• Make day to day equipment/supply purchasing decisions from existing grants, in consultation with the lab leader
Lead the group's effort in purchasing and setting up a dilution refrigerator and related equipment
• Obtain and evaluate quotes for equipment purchases; lead submission of documents needed for tendering processes required by large (> $100,000) purchases
• Provide technical assessment of equipment performance and identify infrastructure needs; upon equipment delivery, set up equipment and confirm whether it is operating within spec
Mentor graduate students and junior postdoctoral scholars to become independent researchers
• Train graduate students in experimental and theoretical research techniques, as well as presentation skills (written and oral); train junior postdoctoral scholars in research techniques
• Coordinate sub-team of researchers assigned to the diamond colour centre and optomechanics projects, and ensure that the team of students and postdoctoral scholars is working efficiently by sharing knowledge and maintaining strong communication and strong collaboration
Publish/present research accomplishments at both the national and international level, including in high impact/selective academic journals
• Prepare manuscripts describing findings for submission for publication, and lead process of responding to referees/editors during the peer review process
• Rate of publication is expected to be variable, but will involve being co-author of a least two papers per year; international presentations will typically be expected at a rate of one per year or more

Qualifications / Requirements:
• Must hold a PhD in Physics, Applied Physics or related field, with expertise in solid state quantum optics with diamond SiV color centres in nanophotonic structures
• Must have a record of over 20 significant publications in peer reviewed journals, including Physical Review Letters and Science, in the area of diamond quantum optics and nanophotonics with silicon vacancies, and a history of supervising graduate students as well as postdoctoral associates
• Minimum of 6 years of experience working at the postdoctoral or research associate level in a solid state quantum photonics laboratory; previous experience must include measurement of silicon vacancy quantum emitters in diamond at dilution fridge (100 mK or lower) temperatures
• Ability to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders at all levels of the organization
• Must possess expert technical knowledge in operation and setup of a dilution fridge cryogenic system, performing measurements of solid state quantum emitters in dilution fridge cryogenic systems, and providing advanced solutions to expand and develop research projects in the area of solid state quantum optics of diamond quantum emitters at dilution fridge (100 mK or lower temperatures)
• This position requires a high level of effective time and project management, personal initiative, communications skills and teamwork

Application Deadline: May 24, 2019. Please apply at

We would like to thank all applicants in advance for submitting their resumes. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. Please note, only those candidates chosen to continue on through the selection process will be contacted.

This position is part of the AUPE bargaining unit, and falls under the Technical Job Family, Phase 2. The salary range is from $57,894.20 to $83,811.00 annually.