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Tenure-Track Appointment in Anishinaabemowin

Algoma University

Algoma University ( has a special mission to be a teaching-oriented university that provides programs in the liberal arts and sciences and professional programs, primarily at the undergraduate level, with a particular focus on the needs of Northern Ontario, and to cultivate cross-cultural learning between Aboriginal communities and other communities, in keeping with the history of Algoma University and its geographic site. With its beautiful main campus in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, at the heart of the Great Lakes, and campuses in Brampton and Timmins, Algoma University offers students, faculty, administrators and staff the opportunity to live, learn, study and work together in a diverse environment.

Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig ( is committed to the restoration of the original spirit and intent of Chief Shingwauk, who envisioned a teaching wigwam where his people could acquire the necessary educational tools for life in modern society without compromising the values of their culture and traditions. In cooperation and partnership with Algoma University, Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig offers the Anishinaabemowin 3-year B.A. program and the 3-year BA in Anishinaabe Studies. A summer immersion program in Anishinaabemowin runs annually. Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig is one of the nine Indigenous Institutes recognized by the Ontario Government in the Indigenous Institutes Act (2017) and is accredited by the World Indigenous Nations’ Higher Education Consortium.

Algoma University, in partnership with Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig, invites applications for a tenure-track appointment in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe language), in the Department of Modern Languages at the Sault Ste. Marie campus, beginning July 1, 2019. The successful candidate will hold post-secondary credentials appropriate to the position (minimum Master’s degree, Ph.D. preferred), and will be completely fluent in Anishinaabemowin. S/he will have mastery of the written language with the double vowel system and a thorough understanding of the structure of the language. The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience and commitment to language teaching, a deep knowledge of Anishinaabe culture, and demonstrated ability to develop a research program and to secure external research funding. Strong candidates will have teaching and research expertise in two or more of: immersion models for language teaching; culture-based education; resource collection and development for language and culture retention; pan-dialectal awareness and expertise with various writing systems. Rank and salary will be commensurate with experience and academic degrees held.

Candidates should submit electronically: a letter of application, a CV, a research plan (up to two pages), a statement of teaching philosophy, evidence of teaching effectiveness (e.g., examples of student evaluations), and reprints of up to three significant publications to Dr. Donna M. Rogers, Academic Dean via Application materials should be submitted as a single combined PDF file. Applicants must also arrange for three confidential letters of reference to be sent directly to the same address. The PDF file and reference letters should have file names that identify the applicant. Complete applications received by May 3, 2019 will be assured of consideration, though the posting remains open until the position is filled. The position is subject to budgetary approval.

The position is open to all qualified applicants, although preference will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Algoma University is strongly committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our community and is an equal opportunity employer. The university invites and encourages applications from all qualified individuals, including from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in employment, who may contribute to further diversification of our Institution. In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, upon request, accommodation will be provided by Algoma University throughout the recruitment, selection and/or assessment process to applicants with disabilities.The successful candidate will be required to provide a Police Records Check (Vulnerable Sector) as a condition of employment.

Algoma Gichi-gikendaasoowigamigong ( gikino’amaagewag gichi-gikendaasowin, memindage go omaa giiwedinong Ontario ji-izhi-wiiji’iwewaad, gaye ji-gikenindiwaad anishinaabeg gaye gaa-anishinaabewisigwaa amii aaniish gaa-bi-izhiseg iwe Algoma Gichi-gikendaasoowigamig odaanaang. Omaa dash Baawiting, jiigi-gichigamiing gaye e-ayaagin gikino’amaagewigamigoon Brampton gaye Timmins, izhi-andawendaagwan ji-wiidanokiimidiwaad omaa gikino’amawaaganag, gekino’amaagewaad, gaa-anokiiwaad.

Zhingwaak Gikino’amaagewigamig ( onandawendaanaawaa ji-ombinigaadeg iwe gaa-gii-izhinang ji-izhinaagwaninig anishinaabe gikino’amaagoziwin awe Ogimaa Zhingwaak gaa-gii-izhinikaazod, ji-ondinamowaad gikino’amaagewin anishinaabeg ge-wiiji’igowaad ji-minosewaad gaawiin dash memwaach ji-wanitoosigwaa odanishinaabewaadiziwiniwaa. Zhingwaakong gi-daa-debinaan 3-biboon B.A. anishinaabemowin e-gikino’[amaageng, gaye 3-biboon Anishinaabe Gikendaasowin. Gii-niibing anishinaabemowin da-gikino’amaagem endaso-niibin. Zhaangachinoon gikendaasoowigamigoon gaa-nisidawinigaadegin Ontario Ogimaawiwin Gikendaasoowigamigoong Inaakonigewining (2017) Zhingwaak dash bezhig iwe. Ogashkitoonaawa Akiing Anishinaabeg Gichi-gikendaasowin Maamawichigewin ji-miigiwewaad mazina’iganensan ji-wiindeg e-gii-debinigaadeg gikendaasowin.

Algoma Gichi-gikendaasoowigamig gaye Zhingwaak Gikino’amaagewigamig andongewag ji-biijinizha’igaadegin mazina’iganan giishpin awiya wii-gikino’amaaged anishinaabemowin Inwewinan Gaa-anokaadegin omaa Baawiting maajiseg Miskonigiizis (July) 1, 2019. Awe ge-anokiid omaa o-daa-ayaan gichi-gikendaasowin (Masters, Ph.D daa-onizhishin nawach) gaye ji-nitaa-anishinaabemod. Niso-biboon anishinaabemowin daa-gikino’amaage awe ge-odaapinind, gaye gii-ziigwang daa-gikino’amaage. Andawendaagwan ji-nitaa-anishinaabemod, ji-nagajitood gaye anishinaabebii’igan gaa-aabajichigaadeg miziwe, gaye ji-gikendang aaniin ezhising anishinaabemowin. Gaye andawendaagwan ji-gii-gikino’amaaged anishinaabemowin, gaye ji-gikendang anishinaabe izhitwaawin, gaye ji-nanaando-gikendang geyaabi gegoo ge-wiiji’igod gikino’amaaged gaye ji-gagwe-mikawaad zhooniyaan ge-aabaji’aad. Gaye andawendaagwan ji-nitaa-gikino’amaaged gaawiin zhaaganaashiimowin ji-aabadak, gaye anishinaabe bimaadiziwin ji-gikendang, gaye ji-maawadoonang mazina’iganan ge-aabajitood gikino’amaaged, gaye ji-gikendang aaniin ezhigiizhwewaad gakina anishinaabeg bebakaan gaa-ayaawaad, gaye izhi-anishinaabebii’igeng. Gaa-bi-debinang anokiiwin gaye gikino’amaagoowin da-ganawaabanjigaade minik ge-diba’amawind.

Mamaandaawaabikong o-daa-biijinizha’aan aabita ji-anishinaabebii’igaadeg ozhibii’igan gaa-ikidoomagak e-wii-gagwe-debinang owe anokiiwin, gaye gaa-gii-bi-inanokiid, gaye ezhi-biminizha’ang gii-gikino’amaaged, gaye gegoo gaa-wiindeg aaniin epiichi-minochiged gii-gikino’amaaged, gaye aaniin ge-doodamopan wii-nanaando-gikendang gegoo anishinaabemowining inake, gaye niswe ozhibii’iganan gaa-gii-ozhibii’amowaad Dr. Donna M. Rogers dash ji-izhinizha’amawaad, wiin gaa-ogimaawid Diin gaa-inwaazod omaa PDFing daa-izhi-izhinizha’igaadewan ono mazina’iganan. Gaye niswe ozhibii’iganan daa-dagonigaadewan awiyag gaa-ikidowaad e-minochiged ngwana awe gaa-wii-debinang iwe anokiiwin. Imaa dash naasaab daa-izhinizha’igaadewan ini ozhibii’iganan gaye ji-wiindeg awenen awe gaa-wii-debinang anokiiwin. Daa-ozhibii’igaade imaa PDF ezhinikaazod awe gaa-wii-anokiid. Apii May 3, 2019 izhiseg, daa-biijinizha’igaadewan ono mazina’iganan.

Gakina gaa-debinamowaad gaa-andawenjigaadeg daa-biijibii’igewag, memindage go omaa Caanada Akiing gaa-ondakaaneziwaad. Algoma Gichi-gikendaasoowigamig gakina dinookaanan awiyan onandawenimaawaan ji-anokiinid omaa. Andawenimaawag gakina ge-gashkitoowaapan owe anokiiwin ji-biijibii’igewaad. Iwe Accessibility for Ontario with Disabilities Inaakonigewin 2005, daa-biminizha’igaade ji-izhidaa’indwaa igi ge-biijibii’igewaad omaa ji-gagwe-anokiiwaad. Gaye gi-daa-ayaan mazina’igan ji-gii-maanzhichigesiwan Police Records Check gaa-izhinikaadeg.