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Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Digital Inclusion (F0338)

Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University invites applications for a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Digital Inclusion with an expected start date no earlier than September 1, 2024. As part of Royal Roads University’s implementation of its CRC Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan and its associated equity targets, this posting is open to those who self-identify as racialized individuals as defined by the CRC. This includes people with other aspects of social identity that intersect with being a racialized individual (e.g. a racialized person with a disability or disabled racialized person).

Tier 2 Chairs are intended for exceptional emerging scholars (i.e., candidates must have been an active researcher in their field for fewer than 10 years at the time of nomination). Applicants who are more than 10 years from having earned their highest degree (and where career breaks exist, such as maternity, parental or extended sick leave, clinical training, etc.) may have their eligibility for a Tier 2 Chair assessed through the program’s Tier 2 justification process. Please contact the Office of Research Service ( for more information.

As the Tier 2 CRC in Digital Inclusion you will complement the applied and professional nature of faculty at Royal Roads University. This position is not currently linked to a particular school or faculty at the University and is open to candidates from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. This determination will be made based on the successful candidate’s area of focus. The nominee’s research area, however, must align with the subject matter eligibility of SSHRC.

As the Tier 2 CRC in Digital Inclusion, you will broaden the university’s transdisciplinary research agenda. By developing a research program in areas broadly related to Digital Inclusion, the successful candidate is expected to address urgent, complex issues in areas such as the relationships or implications between digital inclusion and economic and workforce development, civic participation, education, healthcare, and public safety, among others. The Tier 2 CRC in Digital Inclusion is purposefully broad and encourages applications from outstanding candidates in any social science or humanities discipline who are invested in the discourses, ideologies, policies, strategies, and initiatives of how equitable access to technology and the lack of said access, impacts individuals, communities, organizations, and their political and cultural participation. As such, topics within the purview of this CRC could include, but are not limited to:

How is digital inclusion viewed through critical theoretical paradigms?
How do Indigenous ways of knowing and being intersect with digital futures?
How must we redesign digital communication technologies to ensure inclusion?
How do online communities offer opportunities and challenges for disability communities in a post COVID-19 landscape?
How does digital justice intersect with other dimensions of social justice, such as climate, spatial, and food justice?
In what ways are emerging learning technologies (e.g., AI) expanding or limiting inclusion?
How can digital tools enhance inclusion for those with limited access to health care, and what are the limitations of digital health for inclusion of marginalized populations?

Royal Roads University’s academic culture values applied research, creativity, and the timely transfer of knowledge that meets the needs of communities and the knowledge driven society. As the CRC you will be an integral part of RRU’s overall plan to promote and develop its research enterprise and to support the university’s unique mandate.

As the Tier 2 CRC you will have established relationships in both academic and non-academic communities and a portfolio demonstrating the application of applied and problem-based research methods. You will also have demonstrated success (or a high degree of promise) in obtaining research funding from diverse sources, leading collaborative research initiatives, establishing and maintaining community relationships, supervising student research, and mobilizing research. Royal Roads considers a broad range of contributions to research, training and mentoring as part of the merit review process, with a focus on the quality and impact of these contributions. The university recognizes that the entire research ecosystem is strengthened by equitable, diverse and inclusive access and participation

RRU recognizes that alternative career paths and/or career interruptions due to personal circumstances can impact research achievements. Candidates are encouraged to provide details of any such alternative paths and/or interruptions in their cover letters and this information will be carefully considered in the assessment process. RRU also recognizes the value of mentoring, community service, professional service, and non-traditional areas of research and/or research outputs. Demonstrated experience in increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion at the previous institutional environment and/or supporting diverse students is also an asset.

The university follows the practices for recruitment, hiring, and retention recommended by the CRC program ( Training and development activities related to unconscious bias, equity, diversity and inclusion for administrators and faculty involved in the recruitment and nomination processes for chair positions is mandatory. If you require any form of accommodation throughout the recruitment process, please contact us directly at attention: Lorisha Bühler or 250-391-2600 extension 4408 so we can offer you individualized assistance and ensure equity in our recruitment and hiring process.

As a Tier 2 CRC at Royal Roads, you will develop an exemplary scholarly and creative presence, complement and enrich research and scholarship among faculty and graduate students, and participate in local and international research networks. While based in one faculty, you will collaborate with other units within RRU as appropriate.

The key foci of the position will be as follows:

• Undertake relevant (nationally and internationally as appropriate), high quality applied research in the area of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches. You will be expected to provide a detailed research plan outlining key research areas and questions, research partnerships and collaborations, and potential funding sources.
• Develop/expand networks, partnerships and collaborations within organizations, communities, and individuals to support the research agenda, including building linkages with faculty and associate faculty at RRU and other academic institutions;
• Pursue and obtain research funding from diverse sources including federal, provincial, public and private, to finance the research agenda;
• Pursue an active dissemination strategy that targets diverse audiences and stakeholders, i.e., academics, businesses, community members, practitioners, and policymakers, at the local, provincial, national and international level;
• Contribute to Canada’s research profile nationally and internationally, consistent with the goals of the CRC program. The Chair will work with their Dean to raise the profile of the Chair, the school(s), and the university;
• Develop and support student and post-doctoral training and research and assist in the support and development of the university’s doctoral programs.

Royal Roads University Diversity Statement (

The diversity of our common humanity enriches our communities. It expands our learning, teaching and research. Diversity challenges us, strengthens our creativity and improves our adaptability.

We celebrate the intersectionality of our identities, experiences and perspectives. We want Royal Roads to be a community where we relate to each other and the natural world, recognize our interdependence and can find a sense of belonging.

We invite you to join us in building a safe, caring and courageous university community where we uphold dignity, celebrate our common humanity and learn from different ways of knowing and being in the world.

 To achieve this, we will:

• Facilitate learning, research and work environments that reflect and benefit from our diversity
• Encourage critical thought and dialogue that helps us to challenge existing structures and worldviews and enact justice
• Engage in shared leadership with open, inclusive, accountable, respectful and equitable conditions where ideas and people can flourish
• To fulfil these commitments, we will support each other, especially members of equity-deserving groups. We are all in different places along our journeys, and this work is difficult, complex and ongoing. Together we will cultivate a whole, thriving community greater than the sum of its parts. 

This statement is one of principles and values and is intended to be the driving force and a reference point for equity, diversity and inclusion informed action at RRU. This is a living statement and will be reviewed and amended on a regular basis. To find out more about EDI informed actions at RRU, go to:

Job Requirements
• PhD degree or doctorate in a relevant/aligned field;
• Demonstrated excellence in developing, resourcing, and conducting research projects in relevant fields;
• Demonstrated interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary skills in research and teaching and broad understanding of the fields of digital inclusion;
• A strong interest and demonstrated success in dissemination, including conventional academic publications, as well as mobilizing knowledge with policy- and decision-makers, communities, organizations, and government and Indigenous communities;
• Demonstrated interest and success in building networks of both internal and external interests and stakeholders, including public sector, non-governmental and private sector organizations, and ability to collaborate locally and remotely, across the country and internationally;
• Teaching that demonstrates a passion for experiential learning, interactive methodologies, application of theory and concepts to current real-world issues, and high student engagement online and in the classroom;
• Teaching and supervisory experience at the graduate level;
• Ability to liaise effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders, both internally and externally, and maintain a professional approach to working relationships and conflict resolution;
• Excellent decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities;
• Exceptional oral and written communication and interpersonal skills;
• Ability to successfully work in a team-based, collaborative environment;
• Experience in developing and managing research and administrative budgets.

This position is contingent upon confirmation of the availability of funds from the university and upon the applicant receiving a Tier 2 CRC appointment ( The position will be offered at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor. The successful candidate will work with the Office of Research Services to prepare the formal CRC nomination.

Tier 2 CRC nominees should:

• be excellent emerging researchers who have demonstrated particular research creativity;
• have demonstrated the potential to achieve international recognition in their fields in the next five to ten years;
• be proposing an original, innovative research program of high quality; and,
have the potential to attract excellent trainees, students and future researchers.

In additional to a collegial learning community, RRU offers a comprehensive compensation package to Faculty, with a starting salary based qualifications and experience.

The Tier 2 CRC is an initial five-year continuing-track appointment with the possibility of conversion into a continuing appointment, subject to performance and program needs. The Tier 2 Chair also includes the possibility of a renewal for an additional five years, as per the university’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan for CRCs (

To apply, please submit the following information (in PDF format):

• cover letter
• curriculum vitae
• a statement of teaching philosophy/interests, and evidence of teaching effectiveness
• a copy of, or link to, three recent publications within the last five years
• an explanation of the significance of the three recent publications selected
• a statement of research achievements (as it relates to a Tier 2 level of achievement)
• a detailed research proposal (3-4 pages) appropriate to the goals and objectives of the CRC program at the Tier 2 level
• a statement regarding how the proposed research program connects with RRU’s mission, vision, strategic directions and goals other information you deem relevant

Please note you can add as many attachments as you like to your profile as long as the file size of each item does not exceed 2MBs.

Additional Information
Royal Roads University is strongly committed to fostering diversity within our community. We welcome those who would contribute to the further diversification of our faculty and staff including, but not limited to, women, visible minorities, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

Please apply: